Crescendo is led by Michael Delaney, who has worked on international development for over 30 years.  For the past 15 years he has led Oxfam America’s humanitarian emergency response. From programming with local communities to addressing long-term development needs and directing emergency responses to the major humanitarian crises of our times, he has championed the primacy of local communities. He has fought to bring the voices of those threatened and affected by disasters to the design and implementation of responses dominated by international actors. Most recently, Michael steered the development of a new strategic plan for Oxfam that recognized the importance of a long-term approach to help communities prepare for disasters, recover, and rebuild while strengthening their resilience to the next emergency.


Crescendo is well positioned and connected to the humanitarian sector—both today’s traditional international actors and the important networks and players in disaster prone countries.  This includes “industry bodies” such as InterAction, academic centers with humanitarian programs such as Harvard, Brandeis, Boston College, Tulane, Tufts University, and MIT.  Beyond these institutional relationships, Crescendo has a roster of experienced and like-minded professionals with both the technical and organizational skills who have committed to working towards this end.

Additionally, Crescendo has strong connections with key leaders, activists, and organizations in the global South that are on the front lines of humanitarian response.  Included among them are official agencies at various governmental levels, research institutions, and civil society organizations.