Dear Fellow Humanitarian,

I am writing you as a member of a local/national civil society to ask you to help drive the future of the humanitarian sector.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is seeking to hear the voices of those at the front-line of humanitarian response, to ask how best international humanitarian actors should support and work with them.  To this end, the Foundation contracted Crescendo International, a group dedicated to strengthening local humanitarian response, to conduct a survey and to organize a series of small convenings around the world to test the ideas that result from listening to you and others in similar roles.  While this survey is not formally affiliated with the World Humanitarian Summit, we are hoping that the findings will help frame and advance discussions on localizing humanitarian aid prior to and at next year’s Summit.  The goal is to strengthen the hand of proponents of serious change with solid data and concrete ideas from people with on-the-ground experience. 

We aim to reach 1,000 local and national organizations worldwide.  You can help us achieve this ambitious target by passing the survey on to people and local organizations who play an important role in the humanitarian system and whose ideas should be heard on the world stage.

Please take the six minutes needed to fill out this survey and make your voice count! Your anonymous answers will help provide the kind of solid information which will help make the case for genuine and sustained support for organizations best placed to respond quickly and effectively.

Click below to begin survey:

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Thank you,
Michael Delaney
Crescendo International