What We Do

Crescendo International works globally to strengthen a more sustainable humanitarian sector. Working with global leaders, we develop and improve systems and conduct research that improves disaster mitigation and recovery. Currently we are working with the emergency response team of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Crescendo’s Focus and Expertise

With 100 years of combined experience in the humanitarian field, Crescendo can support organizations to:

  • Develop innovative and impactful strategic plans

  • Develop sustainable growth and business plans

  • Measure organizational impact with innovative practices

  • Conduct Research

Previous Project Example

Crescendo International works on a global level to strengthen local humanitarian response. We do this through partnering with global leaders to conduct research and develop systems to improve how disasters are mitigated and recovered from in the most effective manner. Previously we worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to share a global survey of humanitarian response workers to gain insight into best practices.  Click on title below to download the results of the survey:

Let Your Voice be Heard

Summary of Key Findings

1. Local and national organizations have a realistic understanding of their current capabilities and want to be able to do more.

2. Anger is building among local and national organizations in the humanitarian sector over:

a. The limited amount of money that actually goes to local organizations;

b. A lack of transparency in financial arrangements of subcontracting;

c. An absence of influence at the tables where decisions are made and a lack of support for building the skills to allow them to have more influence.

3. Current support for capacity building is not responsive to actual needs.